What does the Jasper Food Bank do?

The mission of the Jasper Food Bank Society is to help relieve hunger and draw attention to the problems associated with hunger through awareness and community resources.

The intention is to provide short-term support while understanding that food security is an ongoing struggle for many.

The Jasper Food Bank is a volunteer-run non-profit association that provides food and basic personal care items to Jasperites in need.

Food bags are handed out once a week, on Thursday evenings between 5:30-6:30. Deliveries can be arranged for those with mobility challenges.

Who can get food?

All Jasper residents in need are eligible for food supports.

The Jasper Food Bank is intended to support individuals and families on an emergency or short-term basis. The food bank helps people who don’t have enough money to buy food.

If anyone is needing additional or ongoing support they will be encouraged to speak privately with Cristin Murphy, our Food Bank Manager who can assist in connecting them with additional support services.

Other Food Services in Jasper

Jasper Food Recovery Program

Visit the Program’s open hours or the Community Fridge to help rescue food from being thrown out. Food may be a day or two past the best before dates or, it could be over-stocked items, bruised produce, or even left-over soups and stews from restaurants.

Please be aware the quantity, quality, and selection varies.

The goal of this program is to reduce community food waste from restaurants, stores, and residents. Donations are appreciated and help keep the program sustainable.

You can find out more information by following the Jasper Food Recovery Facebook page.


Help yourself to a free bowl of yummy soup! Available daily in the Jasper Activity Center.

Who is this lunch for? The whole community!

Place: Jasper Activity Center Hall (305 Bonhomme St.) Available during day time hours, closed on holidays

Sunday Night Community Dinners

From January to March, the Municipality of Jasper and various community groups organize, cook, and serve a buffet-style meal in the Activity Center.

Who are these dinners for? The whole community!

Time: Sunday at 5:30pm (5:00pm early entry for seniors)

Place: Jasper Activity Center Hall (305 Bonhomme St.)

Watch for posters around town advertising these dinners. You can also find info by following the Municipality of Jasper’s Facebook Page.